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Australia Visa

As in the United States and other countries in the world, non-Australian residents who would like to visit or work in Australia need to obtain a visa. However, there is an exception to this rule, as New Zealand residents are not required to get an Australian visa before entering Australia. They will be issued a visa upon their arrival in the said country.

There are a number of places where non-Australian residents can apply for an Australian visa. A most accessible source would be the Australian embassies located in several countries around the globe. Other sources include High Commissions and Consulates, travel agents and airlines.

There are generally four types of Australian visas. The first one is called electronic travel authority or ETA visa. This is an electronically stored permission to stay in Australia for a minimal amount of time. This is applicable for tourism and business purposes and comes free of government charge.

The second visa type is the tourist visa. Normally valid for a period of one year, this visa allows an owner to travel to and from Australia with a maximum stay of three months per travel. Unlike ETA’s, tourist visas have corresponding government charges.

For people who want to do business in Australia, business visas are also available. The length of stay in Australia for business visas depends on the agreement that will be arrived at after the applicant consults the Australian visa office. Normally, business visas are valid for five years.

Temporary visas are also available for people who wish to go to Australia to perform some special activities such as entertainment performances, sport competitions or short-term company assignments. Meanwhile, those who seek to be granted temporary residence in Australia may need to be sponsored by an Australian organization or company.

The length of the stay indicated in the visa should be strictly followed. When the visa is about to expire and the owner still needs to stay longer, he or she is strongly advised to consult with the Department of Immigration and Multicultural affairs office in Australia. Serious penalties are imposed for violators.

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