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5 Things You Should Know About Australia

We all know Australia is known for its beautiful sceneries and its crazy wildlife. I bet, when someone says ‘Australia’, all you can think of is the kangaroo or the Opera House. Here are the 5 things you should know before taking a visit to Australia. Australia has the most dangerous wildlife animals. Tourists are advised not to wad alone in the water and to stay away from these animals, namely the crocodiles, sharks, drop bears, funnel-web spiders, and the box jellyfish

Facts about Australia

Did you know that the sixth largest country in the world is Australia? However, it has the lowest population density in the world. Did you know that it will take 27 years to visit one new beach in Australia a day? With the 50,000 wide coastlines of Australia, it covers over 10,000 beaches. The most famous beaches in Australia are Manly and Bondi in Sydney, Cottesloe in Perth, Surfers Paradise in Queensland. Did you know the world’s largest oyster is in Australia? It

Top Beaches in Australia

Australia is blessed with over 10, 000 beautiful beaches that local and international travelers want to wad too. If you plan to have a getaway and relax under the sun with the salt air and sand, have your trip to one of these beautiful and luxurious beaches in Australia. Whitehaven Beach at Whitsundays According to the tourism department of Whitsundays, this beach is the most photographed in Australia. It has an awe-struck view when viewed atop of Tongue Point. The crystal clear