5 Things You Should Know About Australia

We all know Australia is known for its beautiful sceneries and its crazy wildlife. I bet, when someone says ‘Australia’, all you can think of is the kangaroo or the Opera House. Here are the 5 things you should know before taking a visit to Australia.

  1. Australia has the most dangerous wildlife animals.
    • Tourists are advised not to wad alone in the water and to stay away from these animals, namely the crocodiles, sharks, drop bears, funnel-web spiders, and the box jellyfish which is the most fatal.
  1. Australia has the best scenery in the countryside.
    • Tourists can be after the Opera House of Sydney or the street art of Melbourne, but the best sceneries in Australia is in its countryside and small towns.
  1. Australia inhabits some of the rare animals in the world.
    • Koalas, Bilbies, Numbats, Wombats, and Quokkas can be seen in Australia.
  1. Australia has over 10, 000 beaches.
    • You are free to surf, sail, snorkel, fish, and play at the beach!
  1. Australia is expensive.
    • Accommodation, meals, and drinks are expensive in this big city of Australia. However, if you know the tricks, it is possible to travel on a budget in Australia.