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  • About UGG Australia - The Growth of the UGG Australia Boot
    UGG Australia is a brand name for fashionable sheepskin boots. Sheepskin footwear has long been popular in the rural areas of Australia, and its popularity increased as the product was discovered by surfers and others. Even though one would think lined sheepskin is very hot, the way they allow air to circulate prevents feet from overheating. The boots achieved some notoriety during the world wars when pilots searched for footwear that was warm a Read More...
  • Australia Visa
    As in the United States and other countries in the world, non-Australian residents who would like to visit or work in Australia need to obtain a visa. However, there is an exception to this rule, as New Zealand residents are not required to get an Australian visa before entering Australia. They will be issued a visa upon their arrival in the said country. There are a number of places where non-Australian residents can apply for an Australian vis Read More...
  • Australia - People
    Australians are great hosts, friendly and very open when welcoming people from other countries. As of July 2005, Australia's population was close to 20.4 million people, with 94 per cent of the population of European descent, 4 per cent of Asian descent and 1.5 per cent Aboriginal people. The most populous states are New South Wales and Victoria, with their respective capitals, Sydney and Melbourne being the largest cities in Australia. Austra Read More...